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Weight Change Tips

Ever hear a friend or family member say  “I can’t lose weight,” “my body is different, even when I don’t eat I still don’t lose weight,” or “I have really slow metabolism.”  These are common sayings people use to explain … Continue reading

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Sports Nutrition Tips

Proper food intake improves overall health, boosts sport performance, enhances muscle recovery, and can help prevent injuries.  Leaner, stronger bodies perform better and are not achieved via exercise alone:  Weight loss and increased muscle mass are attained 80% through diet … Continue reading

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Is Organic the Right Choice?

Whether you buy your groceries online or at a nearby store, organic food and product choices are present at every turn.  But are they better for us?  Is organic the secret clue to buying healthier food? The 411 on Organic … Continue reading

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Detox Diets

Over the course of a lifetime, we will be exposed to thousands of foreign compounds that can enter our bodies through the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and directly through our skin or eyes.  … Continue reading

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The Sweet Side of Barbeques

The 4th of July is behind us, but the summer barbeque season is still in full swing.  Let’s not forget about the sweet endings. You don’t have to skip dessert!  For some, a barbeque is not complete without a sweet … Continue reading

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